Despite the lagacy of his designs, little is known about the life and career of Dutch industrial designer Herman Theodoor Jan Anthoin Busquet (1914-1977). Certain is that from 1932 onward, he was the design director of lighting manufacturer Hala, based in Zeist, and possibly even founder of the company. As one of the first lighting manufacturers in The Netherlands, Hala specialized in sustainable luminaries of tube metal and rod iron. H.Th.J.A. Busquet’s straightforward, practical designs were highly esteemed by the Goed Wonen foundation in that time, catalyzing an enormous populairty for his Hala lamps. Most likely drawing inspiration from Bauhaus and De Stijl, his designs reveal a coherent relationship between form and function, adjustable features, and predeliction for primary colours and non-colors.

In the words of the firm itself: “Hala, the Dutch Lamp Factory in Zeist, wishes to light up your house and your life with practical and pleasant lamps, adapted to all contemporary requirements.”

Reference material + images based on original Hala catalogues
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