André Cordemeyer


André Cordemeyer (1924-1998) started his career as a draftsman and business technician. After designing the famous Cleopatra bed for Auping, he decided to pursue his talents in the field of industrial design.

During his management at the association for industrial design (Kring Industriële Ontwerpers) in The Hague he met Wim Rietveld. The fact that André Cordemeyer was, at the time, living in a house in Apeldoorn designed by Wim’s father Gerrit Rietveld may have consolidated their special friendship. Consequently, in 1956, André Cordemeyer joined Wim Rietveld on the design team of Gispen. Together, they made a few of Gispen’s most appreciated designs, such as the table 530 (1954) en the lounge chairs 1407 (1954) and 416 (1956).

André Cordemeyer would continue to work for Gispen for more than twenty years, becoming especially known for his office furniture designs. He was always experimenting with the newest production processes and fond of using new materials such as polyester and nylon.

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