KADER design is founded by Alexander Mercer, raised a world citizen and educated in the field of art and design. Being a collector at heart and with a home base in the Netherlands, his focal point soon locked into early Dutch industrial design and rare modernist furniture from the low lands.

KADER design presents his distinct collection of furniture designs from the advent of Modernism to mid-twentieth century in particular: an era defined by the transition from crafts to industrialism, and proposing a new, functionalist aesthetic for a light and sophisticated interior. It was a time of reconstruction, and vision and innovation marked the development of pieces that, today, hold key positions in the history of design and show a special sensitivity to the qualities of warm, smooth wood and cold, slender steel.

KADER design shows a special interest for geometric silhouettes, inspired by movements such as Functionalism, Constructivism, Bauhaus, and De Stijl, offering both icons of Dutch Design avant la lettre, as well as unusual specimens of a more obscure heritage.

Research is essential in our practice. Throughout the years, KADER design has developed an extensive archive of reference material, monographs, and authentic catalogues, providing invaluable context to the collection at large. We are always interested in exchanging thoughts and knowledge. For more information please feel free to get in touch!